Camellias are blooming

A flower from Japan, the Camellia, is one of the symbols of Lucca.

Camellias can be seen everywhere in the city: in the Botanical Garden of course, in courtyards and private gardens, but few people know that the Camellias found a favorable habitat in the surroundings of Lucca.

In the area of Pieve di Compito (a small, gorgeous village few km from Lucca) hundreds of different Camellia bloom at the end of February and the Exhibition of Ancient Camellias of Lucca is a unique opportunity to visit the gardens of the Villas and to admire the incredible shades and shapes of this elegant plant (some specimens are really ancient and big).

Also the close and charming village of Sant’Andrea di Compito comes alive with artists and artisans during the 3 we of the exhibition, but the true stars are the Camellias in the gardens, in the Camelietum and in the unique cultivation of tea plants.

Browsing the website you can easily find the programme of events and the suggested routes: in addition to adoring Camellias, tasting tea and buying plants, you can go hiking along the well traced paths, you can visit the villages with their ancient houses and churches and, on Sundays, you can use the shuttle to visit some Villas in the surroundings, maybe with a Tourist Guide that will be proud to share knowledge and love for this land.

About these pictures, I was looking for some on the web and I found Riccardo Mattesini‘s on the Fucecchio Fotoclub website .. I felt in love with them and I had to insert them here to introduce you the magic world of Camellias.


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