From Lucca to 5 Terre, part 2

Part 2

Iacopo and I left Manarola after a short walk till the Belvedere (Iacopo is always in a hurry!). By train again we reached Monterosso.

From the station we walked till the old village along the beautiful promenade, we climb quite to the top of the hill (where lies a Capuchin monastery) and went down to the shore of Monterosso, very close to the old city center.

We stayed a little in the old Monterosso: all the people was working to repair the damages of the October flood, shops were closed and the town looked as the only thought was: repair everything to be ready to live and work again in the next months.

Then we went back to the new part of Monterosso, equally hitten, and we looked for something to eat. We got a couple of big sandwiches and we ate them sitting near the seaside, under the warm March sun.

Finally we took the train back to La Spezia where we left the car and went back to Lucca. It has been a warm, nice day, I am quite happy for having witnessed the state of works in 5 Terre and I am happy of having spent a day with Iacopo! 🙂


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