you can’t miss the “Marcia delle Ville”!

Sunday, April 29, Marlia in the Province of Lucca will be invaded by the partecipants to the “Marcia delle Ville”, that’s to say a route along and inside the beautiful gardens of the most famous Renaissance Villas (as Villa Reale, Villa Torrigiani, Villa Grabau..) that dot the hills near Lucca.

The “Marcia” was born in 1976 from the passion of a group of runners and it is nowadays one of the most important non-competitive running in Italy: 11,000 persons run (or just walked) the 2011 route enjoying the evocative landscape, the charming Villas, the refreshment bars and the happenings organized during the morning! The Marcia starts on Sunday 29 April from the Central Market in Marlia from 8 to 9 am and usually it ends for lunchtime. 🙂

This year I will partecipate too!!! I am enough trained to run (ehm.. to walk) the 7 km route (you can choose among different routes from 3 to 27 km) and in the early afternoon I will join some other collegues of mine to offer a city tour of Lucca to small groups and individuals starting at 3 p.m. at this promotional price:

8 euro per person and if you partecipated to the Marcia, showing the ticket, you will pay only 5 euro per person. Of course children up to 14 are free!

Please phone or mail me to organize the city tour in English, as usually it is in Italian: – mobile: + 39 339 6328832


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