Earthquake, again.

29/05/2012 – (Reuters) – An earthquake killed 16 people and injured about 350 in northern Italy on Tuesday, spreading fear among thousands of residents living in tents after a similarly strong tremor in the same region flattened their homes nine days ago.


This picture of some days ago is so terrible and real: time doesn’t exist anymore in this land. I am wondering if our moderns behaviors and needs (as intensive building, daily attack to nature, pollution, draining the water-bearing stratum..) are responsible of the hard effects and consequence of earthquakes.

I didn’t feel the 9,00 am earth tremor because I was travelling on my car (my son phoned me to inform me he was out of his class with his classmates) but I felt the 1,00 pm one. I was at school, writing something on my class roll, while the students were preparing their schoolbags. Then my desk started to move and the students started to shout and cry and run from the class.

It was not so strong here, but we were really scared and I can only imagine how terrified were the people in Emilia.


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