a walk in Viareggio

A sunny Sunday!

Right after breakfast we went to the garden to dig and hoe and place zucchini and aubergine and tomatoes and to pull up weeds (the picture show Alessio and Iacopo on their way back home at lunchtime). In the area I live in, farming a little piece of land is very popular among families and we obtained one (30 square meters) from the town of Capannori, so now we have to look after it! 🙂

And after lunch we decided to take a walk in Viareggio and you can see some pictures of the promenade with the beautiful palaces in Art Decò.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I suggest 2 places for a good ‘gelato’ along the promenade: GROM and Anisare.








If you are hungry and longing for ‘fish and chips’, at the beginning of the pier look for a small boat.

At dinner we had a ‘panino’ at Adone a traditional, simple place in Viareggio: only sanwiches in a lot of variety!

Then we stopped for a coffee in a ‘gelateria’ just in front of Adone and the owner let us taste some ice cream so we decided we couldn’t miss a gelato! I had ‘passito di Noto’ and ‘ricotta’ and Alessio tasted ‘pistacchio’: really gorgeous!

The owner told us about their sicilian origins and the way they produce ice creams and next time I will taste a big ‘cassata’!

The gelateria is ‘Punto G’ in Via Garibaldi 62, Viareggio



  1. GROM opened in VIareggio past summer and is always crowded as Anisare.
    But now I put Punto G on my ‘top ten’ ice cream places! 🙂

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