Massaciuccoli Romana

Everything is ready for the 2013 edition of “Massaciuccoli Romana”!!! Don’t miss it on the 6th and 7th July and meanwhile you can read my post about the 2012 edition. 🙂

Yesterday evening I went to Massaciuccoli where the “Festival dell’Antica Roma” was hold. Massaciuccoli is on the homonymous lake (on the opposite shore, there’s Torre del Lago where the Giacomo Puccini’s Villa is) and you can still walk in the middle of the remaining of an ancient Roman Villa owned in the past by the Venulei family, visit the archeological area and the Antiquarium where you can see the many rooms of a “mansio” (a station along the route).

I followed the very interesting tour guided by an archeologist dressed as an ancient Roman and then I entered in the area of the festival where it was possible to eat (a typical Roman meal), look at the Romans fighting against the “barbarians” or to attend to the explainations about the evolution of the Legionary’s dresses or, last but not least, to look at the Gladiators’ encounters!

Different kinds of Gladiators with their heavy weapons, shields, swords were described by the master then they really fought in the arena.

There was also an area where ancient jobs and their working tools were shown as looms or wigs or medical tools.

So the evening was very nice, enjoyable and interesting!


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