Lucca, the name

Recent studies indicates that the name LUCCA comes from the word LEUK.

A very ancient word of Indo-European origin (Indo-European is supposed to be at the base of Indo-European languages including the living languages ​​spread throughout the globe), LEUK means “light” and “shiny flat land”.

And Lucca was set in a flat land crossed by the brilliant waters of the river Serchio.

from: Lucca e il suo territorio. Toponomastica, dialettologia, critica linguistica
Autore Ambrosini Riccardo – 2006


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  1. […] 180 B.C. The first walls surrounded the village called “Luca” (from the original name Loik), they formed a square and were long around 2 km. During the Middle Ages after the year 1000, Lucca […]

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