Looking for new tiles, I found some amazing pieces in Pisa at Cristiani’s.

These tiles are hand made in Pisa area and then sent to Vietri (Neaple’s area) to be enamelled in few colors as orange, green and blue… a wonderful blue.

The name of these wonderful tiles is “Tarsia Pisana” (Pisan marquetry, I can translate).terracotta

Some tiles in terracotta are intentionally broken and then enamelled in various colors like these —–>

Then these tiles can be assembled to obtain something like this picture beneath!


And it’s possible to admire the craftsmen’s skill in producing smalles and smalles tiles that can be used as decorations for necklaces or ring (like mine!!!).

The Cristiani’s showroom is really huge and you can get lost among tiles, wood, mosaics, sofàs, marbles.. but I am pretty sure you will also find a good guide there (alas, not me this time!) who will give you the right advice for your choice.


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