Camellias in Compitese

A flower from Japan, the Ccamelia sasanqua Hyriuamellia, is one of the symbols of Lucccamelia sasanqua Hana Jimana.

Beautiful Camellias can be seen everywhere: in the Botanical Garden, in courtyards and gardens, but few people know that the Camellias found a favorable habitat in the surroundings of Lucca.
In the Compitese area, in the nice village named Pieve di Compito hundreds of different Camellia varieties start to bloom now.

Flowering will continue till March and then, the Exhibition of Ancient Camellias of Lucca will be a unique opportunity to enter the gardens of the Villas to admire the incredible shades and shapes of this elegant plant (some specimens are really ancamelia sasanqua Beatrice Emilycient). I will keep you informed about this exhibition.

camelia sasanqua Cleopatra






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