Brasato al Barolo and more

Brasato al Barolo was one of the courses during our New Year’s Eve dinner. “Brasato” means stewed, it a big piece of meat braised a long with vegetables and Barolo that is an Italian (Piemonte) wine.

Here you can see the Brasato half cooked with Barolo by our friend (and good cook!) Raffaele. 🙂

Brasato al Barolo

As the meat is ready, vegetables will be minced to prepare the sauce to go with the Brasato.

And the menù was pretty gourgeuslychees too! It included: Sformatino di fagiolini e patate con crema di caprino e basilico (a kind of pie made with green beans and potatoes served with a cream made of goat cheese and basil); Flan di carote in salsa di spinaci e Roquefort (carrots flan on spinach sauce, topped with Roquefort cheese); Crostini con lardo di Colonnata (petit croutons with Colonnata lard); Crostini con salmone (petit coutons with salmon); Zuppetta di lenticchie (lentils soup); Pasta al forno con ragù e vegetariana (pasta al forno!); Assiette di formaggi (cheeses); Brasato al Barolo e polenta cucinato da Raffaele (stewed meat in Barolo sauce and polenta); Panettone ripieno di panna e cioccolato preparato da Davide (stuffed Panettone with cream and cocholate chips); fruit as lychees, grapes (12 grapes as the Italian tradition requires at midnight!).

pasta al forno

About drinks (apart few drops of water..): Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale, Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale Rosé, Champagne Baron Dauvergne, Nino Negri Fracia 2008, Barolo Azienda Agricola Fontana 2006, Moscato d’Asti Cossetti.

More picture on Pintarest 🙂


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