Dictionary English – Lucchese

Are you planning to visit Lucca? Here you can find some English phrases translated into Lucchese. Lucchese is one of the many Italian dialects, it is not so different from the national language but it has some beautiful and funny ways to describe things and events and it is spoken by anyone. Probably you will hear some of them in everydays conversations in Lucca. Let me know!

Don’t you think it’s time to go?————- Sà a dì d’indà?vocabolario_lucchese
Bring my regards to your father…——— Salutimi tu pà…
You were even very ugly ——————- Eri anco brutto bao! …
Sit down, please —————————–Ceccia!
Come here————————————Vieni vàe
Please, go away…—————————- Leviti di culo!
Take this!———————————— Becchiti vesto!
You make me throw up!——————— Mi fai aoncà!
You are very dirty!—————————–Sei lercoso!
I drunk very fastly!—————————-Bevetti a garganella!
Start it!—————————————–Incignelo!
On the face ———————————–Nel grugno
Big greenhead!——————————–Pitoccon – Gnocco!
These apples are not very fresh!————Ste mele en tutte maolate!
Bloody hell!————————————Accidenti a te e chi t’a caato!
I hope to kick his ass! ————————Se lo becco lo gonfio!
I felt down!————————————-Son ito per le tere!
I’m comin’ ————————————-Ecchimi
We were—————————————Erimo
Did you go to the bathroom?——————Sei ito di ‘orpo?
Where did you go? ————————— In dù eri ito a finì?
She seems like a rabbit stomach! ———- Pare un buzzo di curignolo!
Oh my God!———————————– Ommiè!
For God sake! ———————————Perdie …
Where we are gonna go?——————– In dù si và?
What time is it?——————————–Che or’enno?
Be tired ——————————-batte la fiacca …
Breakable——————————-l’arco è di fio !!!
stand still ——————————-chi stà ben un si tramuti
walking aimlessly ———————–a biscaro sciolto…
to anticipate the event——————-mangià l’ovo in culo alla gallina
Damned——————————-nato d’an cane
one cannot impose ———————per forza ‘un vien neanco l’aceto
eat everything ————————-ver che un’ammazsa ingrassa
so and so ——————————-tarabaralla
be unable ——————————un sape levà un ragno dar buo
a crazy group————————–una branca di matti

Last but not least, I love this expression most:

you break things of value —————–hai fatto più danni te che ir Serchio a’ Lucchesi

Serchio is the river of Lucca and it caused a lot of problems to the city in its history, I will tell you some about it in some next post 🙂



    • Lucchese is quite similar to Italian as Italian is the evolution of Fiorentino, the language used by Dante Alighieri to write his ‘Comedy’ and spoken in Toscana. Then it became the language of Italy and a wonderful Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni usually came to Florence to ‘sciacquare i panni in Arno’ (‘to wash his clothes in the river Arno’) that’s to say to improve his Italian as he was writing the ‘Promessi Sposi’ and he wanted to use Italian as the language of a Nation! 🙂

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