it can’t be a ‘buongiorno’ without a coffee!

You know we Italians love coffee and I couldn’t start my day properly without a morning coffee so ‘buongiorno’ is strictly linked with a good, hot coffe… You also know that coffe can be prepared in different ways and Italians are really keen in inventing new (actually I use a Nespresso machine at home, so I can only prepare espresso, but I like ‘macchiato’). In this short cartoon made by the Italian author Bruno Bozzetto, you can see the difference among Europeans asking for a cap of coffee and Italians! 😀

And some varieties with the right pronunciation can be seen in the following picture:

some coffees in Italy
some coffees in Italy

Probably Italian Espresso is the best known way to prepare coffee in the world and, you’ve seen, there are no doubt about our fantasy in preparing it. I can say it is our national hot drink but we don’t produce it in our country. The biggest producer is Brasil, followed by Vietnam, Colombia and so on.

A lot of legends try to explain the discovery of coffee: its name ‘Coffea Arabica‘ come from the region of Kaffa in Etiopia (Africa) were it was probably discovered.

Pellegrino Artusi (1820–1911), author of the scientific cookbook ‘La scienza in cucina e l’arte del mangiar bene’ (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well), said that the best coffee is the one coming from the Yemen city of Mokha (you know that we still call ‘moka‘ the common home coffeemaker-machine. Coffee is a very good digestive, that’s why it’s we drink it after lunch.

Why not ‘cappuccino’ after meals? Because milk is not a digestive and it will stress your digestion! 🙂

Enjoy your day and your coffee!!!

coffea arabica
coffea arabica

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