Lucca from the sky

The local AereoClub has organized a free flight to celebrate the women’s day, so Chiara (a good friend of mine) and I decided to fly! It was a short flight lasting about 30 minutes and it was cloudy but from the small airplane the view was wonderful!

volo tassignano 004

volo tassignano 005



volo tassignano 002







volo tassignano 008

the Nottolini Acqueduct is a wonderful building, it’s possible to walk along it for kilometres from Lucca to Guamo

volo tassignano 011

one of the Bastions along the Reinassence Walls of Lucca

volo tassignano 014

Piazza Anfiteatro, gorgeous!!! A ‘must visit’ in Lucca

volo tassignano 010

the red roofs of Lucca and Sam Michele Church

volo tassignano casa

Porta San Jacopo and, under the arrow, our house inside the wall!

volo tassignano 022

Lucca surroundings look like Chianti, don’t they? 🙂

volo tassignano 027

Fields waiting for Spring and poplars.In the past 100 poplars were planted when a girl was born, do you know why?

volo tassignano 029

Back to Tassignano airport!

If you too want to visit Lucca flying with a Tourist Guide, just contact me!



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