Camellias are ready in Borgo!

Today I went to Sant’Andrea di Compito to check the flowering of the Camellias after these days of rain and cold. And there they are! Beautiful, red, pink, big, small flowers… a lot of varieties of Camellias dots the ‘Borgo delle Camelie’, 15 km from Lucca.

During the next 2 week ends in March this area will be closed to traffic and people will be able to stroll everywhere and admire the flowers and the small medieval town. There will be exhibitions, tasting of oil and tea (one can buy the only tea produced in Italy, that’s to say in this town!), information about the products of the area. The Camelietum is a real experience! One will find onerself surrounded by hundreds of plants, leaves, flowers, colours… And then it is also possibile with the same ticket (6 euro per person) to get shuttle to the Villas in the South and in the North of Lucca to stop in many ancient Villas which gardens host Camellias.

But now, enjoy Camellias!

camelie 078 camelie 080 camelie 082 camelie 084 camelie 086 camelie 089 camelie 090 camelie 092 camelie 093 camelie 094 camelie 095 camelie 096 camelie 097 camelie 098 camelie 099 camelie 101 camelie 102 camelie 103 camelie 104 camelie 105 camelie 106 camelie 107 camelie 108 camelie 110 camelie 111 camelie 112 camelie 113 camelie 114 camelie 115 camelie 116 camelie 117 camelie 119 camelie 120 camelie 121 camelie 122


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