instinct, genius and madness: Antonio Ligabue

This morning I had the chance to visit the Antonio Ligabue‘s exhibition at the Lu.C.C.A. Center of contemporary art in Lucca.

I was with some collegues of mine and we had the pleasure to be welcomed by Maurizio Vanni, the Center’s curator, who guided us through about 80 works, some of them unpublished till now, related to different ways of expression made by Antonio Ligabue, one of the most controversial and unpredictable Italian artists in the history of the Twentieth century.

The exhibition will last till 9th June 2013 (closed on Mondays and 1 May) and I really suggest you to visit it alone or accompanied by a Guide that will give you more hints to understand Ligabue’s life and experience.

Ligabue’s character was deeply influenced by familiar problems and he was tormented all life long. He loved more animals than mankind and his pictures show this inclination, you will be shocked by the strenght of his tigers and falcons and horses and by the simplicity of the persons as in this one below that I really love (I had a copy of it in my room when I was a girl).


During the last part of his life there was public acknowledgement of his art and he could buy so many Guzzi motobikes as he liked! Ligabue owned 16 of them and he also painted a couple of self-portraits (not in the exhibition, alas!) with his beloved Guzzi like this one:
He was also portrayed with his bike:
ligamotoand you can see more pictures HERE.
Enjoy the exhibition and contact me to be guided through the works of this amazing Italian artist!

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