The singing of the trees

Lucca and the singing of the trees – on Summer Fridays only!

Have you ever heard the trees singing? In Lucca it is possible! :-) canto_alberi

Every Friday at night, from June to the end of August, you can enjoy different kinds of music in the magic area of the Botanical Garden, surrounded by local and exotical trees and flowers. Concerts will start at 9,30 pm and on the City website you can see the program.

LuccaGuide’s proposal on Summer Fridays: a 3 hour city tour including the visit to the Botanical Garden in the morning and the concert at night!

starting time on Fridays: 9,30 am (with the same guide in the Botanical Garden) and 4,30 pm (the Botanical Garden guide may be a different one)

fee: 10 euro per person including the Concert and Garden ticket (3 euro)

we need to reach a minimum of 10 partecipants to start the tour: please contact me indicating the date and time you are interested in. As soon as possible I will tell you if the tour is confirmed. As we are creating groups to start the tour, you will have the chance to make new acquaintances! :)

Do you need information? Fill in the following fields indicating the tour you are interested in and I will reply as soon as possible!


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