Giacomo Puccini and his home in Lucca

Giacomo Puccini was born in his family house in the center of Lucca. He probably was in critical conditions because his family was allowed to baptize him at home and he was given the names of his ancestors: Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele, all important musicians and composers in Lucca.. and you can find more information about the life of Giacomo Puccini everywhere on internet and books!

Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini

But you cannot find there the ambiance, the charm you will feel when visiting the house, now a Museum, where he lived from his birth (1858) to his departure to Milano where he could pursue his studies.

Few rooms, decorated as they were in the XIX Century, with old furniture (some owned by Puccini family) and a lot of letters and music and documents written by the Maestro.. his Stainway piano (he had to buy it!) played recently by Andrea Bocelli, his coat, his medals.. The Turandot dress given by the Soprano Maria Jeritza.. of course on the Museum website you can find pictures and more, but I strongly suggest you a guided tour!

In the guided tour you will be given information about the museum and the life of Puccini, a lot of hints about Lucca in the XIX, suggestions to visit Celle Puccini and Torre del Lago.. it will be easier to understand the relationship between Puccini and his town, Puccini and his beloved Elvira and so on.. you will know the man beyond the Maestro.

A guided tour usually lasts 1 hour and costs 70 euro (per group, max 25 partecipants) and is available when the Museum is open (everyday but Tuesday, from 10 am to 6 pm).

If you want me as your Local Guide, just contact me by mail: or by the following contact form:

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