simple and good: bruschetta

Bruschetta (pronounced ‘brusketta’) is a typical Italian summer food: fresh, fast and easy to prepare it is perfect as appetizer or for lunch in a hot day. You will feel the scent and the taste of the Mediterranean tradition: oil, tomatoes, salt, basil, garlic, bread..

There are a lot of ways to prepare bruschetta, this is mine!bruschette

Ingredients: small, red tomatoes (ripe but not too much soft, I like them crunchy); garlic; some basil leaves; local extravirgin olive oil; salt; bread.

° Cut the tomatoes in small pieces and put them in a bowl with some holes or a colander on a plate, mix them with a pinch of salt and leave for some minutes. Salt will help tomatoes to lose thir excessive juice and so bread will remain more crunchy.

° Cut the bread in slices. I love tuscan bread for a couple of reason: 1) I live in Tuscany so I am used to eat it; 2) it is made without salt so it enhances all the tastes. Then put the slices on a hot grill till they become crunchy and the black stripes appear on both sides.

° Get the tomatoes from the colander and put them in a bowl with some basil leaves in pieces. The less you use the knife, the best will be the taste, so tear the basil leaves in small pieces and add to the tomatoes. Add olive oil, add salt if needed, mix and leave it till you are ready with the bread.

° Cut a piece of garlic and use it to rub on side of the bread slices. Put them on a plate leaving the rubbed surface up.

° Mix again the tomatoes in the bowl and with a spoon put them on the bread.. ready!

Buon appetito! 🙂

ps: in the picture you can see my bruschette with a couple of mozzarelle!


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