Pietrasanta guided tour

Guided tour in Pietrasanta

Meeting point: Pietrasanta train station or the car parking at the back of the station

key of dreams - Ken Yasuda
key of dreams – Ken Yasuda

Duration: 2 or 3 hours

Pietrasanta is an important cultural center and it’s very appreciated by

contemporary artists: some of them live and work in Pietrasanta and their sculptures embellish the city.

Before entering in the historical city center through an ancient gate we will meet the first masterpiece: the “Key of dreams”, a sculpture by Ken Yasuda. Few steps and we will reach the very heart of the old town: Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by the most important religious and residential buildings. The San Martin’s Duomo with an amazing bell tower, precious paintings and many masterpieces from the Renaissence, the Baptistry (Oratorio di San Giacinto) containing two baptismal fonts and the Church of St. Augustine. The Museo dei Bozzetti (the Sketch Museum) is in the ancient convent of this church and it’s worth a visit to understand how artists work nowadays.

Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo

Walking along the main street of the city, full of shops and nice buildings, we find the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate renewed by Fernando Botero with two big frescoes: Heaven and Hell. Then we will reach Piazza Francesco Crispi with the “Porta della Pace” and Piazza Matteotti with the Botero’s “Warrior”. We will discover sculptures and installations, made by famous artists as Igor Mitoraj, scattered in the city.

Pietrasanta is also the right place for many art workshops and it’s possible to see artisan still working marble and bronze with modern and traditional techniques.

Il Centauro - Igor Mitoraj
Il Centauro – Igor Mitoraj

And, calmly sipping a good espresso in some nice coffee shop, we will enjoy the Pietrasanta charming environment!

Nota bene: entrances to churches and museums may not be allowed depending on local and seasonal reasons. Visit to art workshops depends on the artisans’ availability.

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