I’m back!

I vanished for a while.. but it was for a good reason, believe me!

I worked hard with my husband because we decided to start a family activity up. Nowadays he works and lives in Milano while I work and live in Lucca and we spent 10 years meeting only during weekends and holidays.. maybe it’s the right recipe for a long marriage relationship but we realized we need more time to spend togheter.

So, we found a house in Lucca, inside the walls, quite completely abandoned and we fell in love with it, with its large rooms, with its private and silent garden.. we bought it thinking it could be a good idea both for living togheter and to run a bed and breakfast as a family business.

We spent a lot of time, finding money for the restoration, following the masons, deciding colors, style… that’s why I vanished in the past months… but now it’s ready! 🙂

I love it and I hope you will love it too! You can see the pictures I took during the works on our new blog and the house is now ready as a bed and breakfast to welcome travellers: B&B Casa San Jacopo al Giardino



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