Santa Zita fair in Lucca

On April 27th Lucca celebrates Santa Zita with a pretty flower fair and market in Piazza Anfiteatro and close to the Church of San Frediano. Santa Zita is related to flowers because of a miracle: as a young girl she was working as a servant at Fatinelli family and she used, now and then, to steal something from the family’s pantry to bring to poor people living in her quarter. She put everything she can bring in her large apron and sneaked off the house to reach her church and the paupers.

But her collegues were resenting so reported her activity to the master. So Mister Fatinelli stopped Zita while she was slipping away holding her bulging apron and he asked rhetorically what she was carrying. She fell lost but had the strengh to answer: “flowers! I’m bringing flowers to the church!”. And when she was ordered to open the apron as the master didn’t believe her.. there were flowers instead of bread and food for the poor people!!!

So Zita was save and could go on taking foodstuff from the Fatinelli family and now she is remembered as the little Saint of the flowers.




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