Montecarlo, close to Lucca

I was reading a post on an interesting blog called “Around Tuscany”. The post is about 10 places off the beaten path in Tuscany and among them there is Montecarlo, Lucca: good choice! montecarlo_02

By car, you can easily reach Montecarlo as it is only 20 km from Lucca on the top of a hill. Surrounded by Middle Ages walls, enriched by a Fortress, the town center worth a visit both for its beauty and its panorama. And also for some nice shops (shoes and souvenirs) and wine bars where you can taste one of the 19 kinds locally produced.
Don’t miss to stop at the Information Office: you will get information and some glass of wine 🙂

Montecarlo is well know… I cannot say ‘it’s off the beaten path’ as a lot of tourist visit Montecarlo and its environs dotted with farms and olive trees and hills. I can say that it is better to visit Montecarlo with a Qualified Local Guide in order not to miss some special places and some extraordinary tales and information.
Usually a tour to Montecarlo lasts 3 hours and include a wine tasting in some nice farm.


Feel free to contact me for information about visiting Montecarlo and its environs and farms:


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