about beer…

You know, since we started our family business 3 years ago running our B&B Casa San Jacopo, I live inside the Lucca city walls in a very ‘Lucchese’ area. There are grouceries, bakeries, little bars where one can find a good espresso.. and there is also a friendly place called  De Cervesia where one can relax and drink a beer on tap.

The Guardian wrote about “Tuscany on tap” and about De Cervesia:
Lucca has an ale pedigree that stretches back at least to the 1840s – one of its landmarks, the baroque Palazzo Pfanner, was inhabited by an Austrian immigrant brewer. So, according to owners Michele and Matteo Sargenti, their bottle shop-cum-bar that opened in June is just “rediscovering” a local tradition. De Cervesia (Latin for “about beer”) always has bottles on sale from the two excellent brewers from the hills north of the town, Brùton and La Petrognola – barley and farro(spelt wheat) are ingredients in the local cuisine, and pure water flows down from the Apennines. Brùton’s Lilith, an aggressively hopped, modern IPA, is among my favourite beers in Italy. You can sample each of three Italian artisan beers De Cervesia has on tap, in rotation, for €2.50.
Via Michele Rossi 20, Lucca, +39 0583 492620.

The whole article is HERE

I’m happy to live so close to this happy place! 🙂




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