About me

Welcome! My name is Antonella and I live in Lucca, yes, inside the city Walls!!!

I got my Degree in Foreign Languages at Bari University and, after travelling the world as a Tour Leader, about 25 years ago I decided to stop in Lucca where some members of my family come from.
I am also a Qualifed Lucca and surroundings Tourist Guide, a Tour Leader (worldwide) and also a Disability Manager licensed at Università Cattolica in Milano (Italy).

I have a solid Tourist Guide experience and I am very passionate and very knowledgeable about Lucca, wonderful city, and its surroundings.

I am not a driver! I can accompany you in your vehicle or I can arrange for a separate car and driver.
I can speak: Italian, English and Spanish

I am also a mom (my son is 19 years old), I love motorbikes (I’ve got a yellow Honda Honet 600), I love art and ceramics, archery and walking, Middle Ages, painting and telling stories.

I wish I will guide you to discover Lucca!
mail to: antonella@guidelucca.it – mobile: + 39 339 6328832antonella
Italian website: www.guidelucca.it

Talking about me:

Steve Wright on this post on his blog

Kathy’s feedback on ToursbyLocals: Definitely the best Tour by a local we have taken. Antonella is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and forever gracious. Her love of Lucca, it’s culture and history made us all feel we never wanted to leave.

Some feedbacks on Tripadvisor

Feedbacks on Viator

I had the pleasure to meet these bloggers in Lucca and they wrote something about me after a guided tour in Lucca:

Abi King is a writer, a photographer and travel blogger in her blog about Italy’s 150 years celebrated in Lucca

Isabelle Kenis in her blog about her visiting Lucca on the 17th March 2011

Nellie Huang is a professional travel writer and editor and she too wrote about the day on her blog

Do you need information? Fill in the following fields and I will reply as soon as possible!

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