“Welcome” is the first word you should hear when visiting a new city and meeting new people!

While visiting Lucca with me you will learn more italian words as: bellissimo! ottimo! saporito! profumato! incredibile!

What do these words mean? Come to Lucca and discover their meaning!!!

You will also discover the ancient city of Lucca, a jewel inside Renaissence walls, and the nice Tuscan people, you will taste ‘buccellato’ (what is it???), bread and olive oil and good wine from the Lucchesi hills where wonderful Villas lie and much more.

So, I wait for you to let you understand (more than visit) the city of Lucca and its surroundings.

See you soon! :)

Antonella, your licensed Tourist Guide in Lucca

mail to: – tel: + 39 339 6328832

Do you need information? Fill in the following fields and I will reply as soon as possible!

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[…] Antonella from Local Guides […]

[…] Antonella from Local Guides […]

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