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places named ‘Lucca’ in the world

Lucca all over the world!

Some time ago, I found on the web a Caffè Lucca in Orange, California (you can read the relevant post) and then I browsed the web looking for more nice places called ‘Lucca’.

So I found the Lucca Cafè in Irvine California! They are also on facebook and I asked them why they choose the name of my city for your coffeehouse.

They were so kind to reply on the facebook page: “My family comes from Verona and the Abruzzo, and I used to live in Roma! Lucca is one of my favorite cities in Italy… and my mother’s name is Lucia.”

Isn’t this amazing? 🙂

Everybody loves Lucca!!!


Caffè Lucca…

…in downtown Orange, California!!!

I have discovered the nice blog of Janet Elgena Simcic who is an Italy lover and I was happy to find an Italian Cafe preparing true Italian coffee! 

Here you can find her post about Cafe Lucca and here the link to Cafe Lucca, read the page ‘about’ to understand why they choose to entitle their place ‘Lucca’.

I found some gorgeous pictures of their cappuccinos…

…I hope I will go there to taste them! 🙂