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season sales and outlets

Last Friday my son Iacopo and I went to the Barberino Outlet.
I have to say that it was not the first Outlet I shopped since the season sales began on 3rd January: I went to Serravalle Scrivia Outlet with my husband Alessio on 4th January (the first seasons sales’ Sunday!!!) and when we finished we had a nice dinner in a small restaurant called ‘Peccati di Gola‘ in the town of Gavi (Alessio wrote a feedback about it on Tripadvisor).

But, back to Barberino Outlet.
It is 90 km from Lucca, 30 from Florence. One can reach it from Florence with daily shuttles (15 euro per person) and it’s very close to the Highway exit Barberino del Mugello.
Maybe you already know Barberino because there’s a famous motor race track and a lake where one can relax and enjoy nature (it’s a dam, called Lago di Bilancino).outlet barberino 1

The Outlet looks like an ancient, small town as many Italian town are in reality or should be.. with a lot of shops, some coffee places and one Asian Restaurant where we had lunch with noodles 🙂

outlet barberino
Iacopo bought trousers and trendy shoes, I only bought a new pocket as I already greatly shopped with and thanks to my husband (he paid!)

outlet barberino 2
Prices were pretty good and season sales made them better, the outlet was not so crowded as it was Friday and so walking was nice and relaxing. It’s convenient if you need clothing mostly and you don’t want to lose your time.

So, if you want to spend a day around Barberino, why not?

And going back home is comfortable if someone else is driving!!! 😀

outlet barberino 3


Lucca Cathedral: un fiorino!

The Cathedral or San Martino Church in Lucca is one of the most beautiful churches in the city.

One must go there to admire the marble broidery of the façade, the calendar, the labirynth, the Volto Santo, Ilaria del Carretto and more!

From Saturday 15th March you will pay a fee to enter and visit the church as a tourist:

€ 3 per person
Children up to 14 are free when accompanied by parents
Groups (more than 15 persons): € 2 per person

Enjoy Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi, in an extraordinary movie of theirs, stopped at the check point where they are asked to pay for any step they make!



I’m back!

I vanished for a while.. but it was for a good reason, believe me!

I worked hard with my husband because we decided to start a family activity up. Nowadays he works and lives in Milano while I work and live in Lucca and we spent 10 years meeting only during weekends and holidays.. maybe it’s the right recipe for a long marriage relationship but we realized we need more time to spend togheter.

So, we found a house in Lucca, inside the walls, quite completely abandoned and we fell in love with it, with its large rooms, with its private and silent garden.. we bought it thinking it could be a good idea both for living togheter and to run a bed and breakfast as a family business.

We spent a lot of time, finding money for the restoration, following the masons, deciding colors, style… that’s why I vanished in the past months… but now it’s ready! 🙂

I love it and I hope you will love it too! You can see the pictures I took during the works on our new blog and the house is now ready as a bed and breakfast to welcome travellers: B&B Casa San Jacopo al Giardino


season sale!!!


On Saturday 4th January sales started in Tuscany!

Season sales are the best way to find a bargain but be careful not to be fascinated by low prices and then cheated by low quality!

During the next days I will give you some suggestions about shops I like in Lucca and the first one is Zazzi in Via Calderia 13 at a walking distance from Piazza San Michele: a charming boutique where one can find hundreds of scarves and shawls traditionally weaved in Garfagnana factories. You can also see an original loom in the shop and usually on week ends a nice lady will be weaving all day long. I bought a very warm and colourful scarf for my mother at Christmas and I will visit the shop to see if I can find something for me too! 🙂


is your Guide a Qualified one?

When travelling or visiting a city we usually wish to live the best local experience! But sometimes one is puzzled because of the wide range of proposals offered by Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Tourist Guides too.

And usually, it’s not easy to understand which proposal is better or really ‘LOCAL’.. but now, regarding Tourist Guides, you have more hints about their being LOCAL and QUALIFIED!

A qualified local guide in Italy must have (and show) his/her badge with the indication of the areas he/she is qualified for and, moreover, we have printed, ONLY for Qualified, Local, Tourist Guides in Italy a nice bag with a green logo on it:

guidaWhen looking for a local experience, look for a LOCAL GUIDE too!