Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini was born in Lucca on December 22nd 1858 to a family of musicians. He became world-famous in his lifetime and his music is much loved: I was told that Puccini’s music is the 2nd most played one in the world after Mozart’s.. wow! 🙂

Giacomo Puccini lived in Lucca till 1880 and he was deeply tied to the city so, notwithstanding he was travelling or living elsewhere, he loved to visit his friends and his hometown. So there are a lot of places in Lucca associated with the life and music of Giacomo Puccini. The following are to give you an idea of the chances we have to find the Maestro’s marks in Lucca. A Puccini tour in Lucca is higly customizable depending on your exigencies: click HERE to find out some ideas.

the Church of San Paolino: here Puccini presented his “Mass for Four Voices and Orchestra” ;

the Puccini’s family house in Via di Poggio: nowadays it’s a museum and the visit will last about 1 hour (fee required, about 7 / 5 euro per person);

Piazza Cittadella: the beautiful bronze statue in its center shows Giacomo Puccini at his best: charming, well-dressed and with a captivating look;

the Church of San Michele, the Cathedral of San Martino and the Boccherini School of Music where his father and grandfather worked;

the Teatro del Giglio where Puccini’s operas have been staged. It is possible to visit the Teatro booking in advance (about 2 euro per person).

the Church of San Pietro Somaldi (inside, if open) where Puccini signed an old organ;

Via Fillungo where a lot of shops still have Art Decò (the typical trend at the beginning of the twentieth) shop windows and the Cafè Di Simo, where Puccini was often seen;

Palazzo Pfanner, with its beautiful Italian Garden and the rooms depicted with trompe l’oeil, as a member of the family Pfanner was the personal doctor of Giacomo Puccini. The visit will last about 1 hour (fee required).

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