Here you can find my proposals for guided tours in Lucca:

 1 – Lucca evergreen tour

Closed inside the high walls of her fortress, a beautiful Princess is sleeping..
The Princess is the city of Lucca, surrounded by walls and there is another Princess called Ilaria still sleeping in a church..
We will also discover the most beautiful spots and monuments of Lucca: the city walls, the main Churches (San Frediano, San Michele and San Martino.. do you know that Lucca is said to have 100 churches?), Piazza Anfiteatro, Via Fillungo, the Guinigi’s tower (with some trees on the top!), Giacomo Puccini’s place of birth..
We will talk about the past and the present of this strange city and I will let you understand why Lucca is so different from the rest of Tuscany!

Not included in the tour: entrance fees (the Cathedral, museums, the towers..)

Guiding fees for individuals and groups up to 10 persons:

3 hours tour: 135 euro  —  6 hours tour: 250 euro

ask for bigger groups rates!

(a shorter tour is also possible, excluding the visit to San Martino Church. Ask for rate)

 2 – Lucca by night

A “by night” after dinner tour to discover the unusual fascination of Lucca under evocative evening lights.
A 2 hours walk in the city with a visit to a wine bar: relax and taste a good glass of wine by candlelight.

Included in the tour: 2 hours walking tour, a glass of wine in a wine bar

Not included in the tour: more glasses of wine! 🙂

Guiding fees for individuals and groups up to 10 persons:

2 hours tour: 160 euro

ask for bigger groups rates!

3 – Lucca Gourmet

Of course we will visit the most important monument and churches in Lucca, we will also talk about art, history and culture and we will spend our time following smells and tasting seasonal food: buccellato, brigidini, erbi, focaccia…

strange words, aren’t them?

Don’t worry, we can eat them! 🙂

Included in the tour: 3 hours walking tour, several stops in tasty places

Not included in the tour: foodies: you just pay if you want to taste or buy something 🙂

Guiding fees for individuals and groups up to 10 persons:

3 hours tour: 135 euro

ask for bigger groups rates!

tasting approximate expences per persons: 20 euro
buccellato (about 20 slices): 5 euro – coffee: 1 euro – 1 piece of ‘focaccia’: 1 euro – torta d’erbi (1 slice): 2 euro – local water: free! 🙂 – chocolate: depends on quantity – a mix of local appetizers and wine tasting: 15 euro…

4 – Lucca’s gardens

Aside from the other wonders of the city, this is a walk looking for picturesque gardens, such as the Botanical Garden, the tree-topped Guinigi tower and the Italian garden of Palazzo Pfanner, all located inside the long and woody city walls, which are included in the tour.

Palazzo Pfanner also offer the chance to visit the ancient rooms depicted with frescoes where the rich families of Lucca used to meet and dance.

Guiding fees for individuals and groups up to 10 persons:

3 hours tour: 135 euro  —  6 hours tour: 250 euro

ask for bigger groups rates!

(a shorter tour is also possible, excluding one of the gardens: ask for rate)

Not included in the tour: entrance fees (per person: Palazzo Pfanner’s garden 4,50 euro – Botanical Garden 3 euro – Guinigi Tower 4,00 euro or Botanical Garden + Guinigi Tower + Clock Tower 6 euro)

5 – Wine tour and Montecarlo

Lucca is surrounded by beautiful sunny hills and you can find a lot of farms producing the 2 local DOC (D’Origine Controllata: controlled production): Colline Lucchesi and wine2Montecarlo.
Montecarlo is a small town, a hamlet, on the top of a hill and its streets, the panorama from the central ‘piazzetta’, its Fortress, its pretty little theatre worth a visit.
And what about wine? I haven’t forgotten wine of course!
This is my half day wine tour from Lucca: a 20 minutes car ride to reach Montecarlo and 1 hour tour in the town. Then we will reach a traditional farm for a wine tasting with something good to eat as crostini, salami, cheese..

Guiding fees for individuals and groups up to 8 persons: HD hours tour: 135 euro
If you have your car we can use it to reach Montecarlo and the farms, otherwise a Private driver with a Van is needed and his rate is usually around 160 euro for half day tour.
Not included in the tour: the cost of the wine tasting from 10 to 20 euro per person depending on number of bottles and quantity of appetizer! 😀

6 – Wine tastings in Lucca

Tuscany is well know for its excellent wine production, traditional food and extra virgin olive oil varieties. So what about a wine tasting in Lucca? 🙂
No need to rent a car or use yours as we will be welcomed in Casa San Jacopo al Giardino a XVI house now a nice bed and breakfast few steps from the Renaissance Wallwinetastings and our host, a qualified sommelier, will guide us in a sensorial route to understand smells and flavours of 3 different kind of wines. Local cheese and bread will accompany the tasting.

My wine tasting proposal: about 1 hour and half wine tasting (you can also add the tasting to one of the walking tours)

Only on Saturdays and Sundays: at 12,30 am and 5,30 pm

fee: 25 euro per person

we need to reach a minimum of 8 partecipants to start the tasting: please contact me indicating the date and time you are interested in. As soon as possible I will tell you if the tour is confirmed. As we are creating groups to start the experience, you will have the chance to make new acquaintances!! 🙂

Do you need information? Fill in the following fields and I will reply as soon as possible!

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